Posted by Helen Zagaro | B2B Networking, Promo Item Tips

This is an exciting time for Star Promoz. We are committed to helping small business make the most out of the trade show experience. There are so many fantastic opportunities during this season, especially for branding your business and business networking!

So, to kick off the season right, I’m including some fantastic links around the web to begin researching your trade show strategy this year:

1.) Avoid these mistakes: 10 Mistakes Exhibitors Make
2.) Tips & Strategies to Remember: Seven Super Trade Show Promotion Steps

I would love to personally sit with each and every one of you this year and discuss making the most out of this season. As always, you are cordially invited to my showroom. However, I can also come to you if your schedule is too crunched!

I’ll be posting more links, tips and ideas as they come to me. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call! Consider me your personal trade show advisor.

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